What Does Collate Mean in Printing?

To learn about Collate printing, firstly, we must learn about the term “printing.” Living in the 21st century, we all are aware of the small box at the offices we call ‘printer.' However, with the advancement of technology, many of us are unaware of the options it offers to people. Luckily, Collate printing is one of those offers that helps people in organizing the paper while printing, hence, making their life easier. Firstly, the question is, ‘what is printing'?


The method of printing involves reproducing an original document in such a manner that the other documents will have a resemblance with the original one. Reproduction can be limited to a small number of times or millions of times. Depending on the number of copies we need, printing or other forms of copying mechanism are used.


The different printing processes are common to all types of printing material, from the simple reproduction of some cards to the printing of all kinds of envelopes, printing of commercial envelopes, printing of envelopes for company stationery or printing envelopes bag for shipments advertising. Books, emails, transcriptions, web pages, articles, blogs, pictures, and wallpapers are printed too in order to be used for certain purposes.


For bulk production, big industrial printers are used to serve the purpose. Billboards or large scale advertisement items are mostly printed through such types of printers.


Do All The Printings Require Industrial Printers?

Not all forms of printings require an industrial printing process. Photocopying, duplication, inkjet printing or laser printing, they are used to generate a small number of copies or to obtain tests before starting an industrial printing process.


When we need a large number of copies or higher quality, we need industrial printing systems, such as offset printing. Printing is the legal form of reproduction of an original document in a determined quantity of copies transferring the ink on the material to be printed by means of an element called printer.


Collate Printing:

If you have been a student or has worked in an office, you must be familiar with the term ‘collate.' There was a time when the process used to be done by hand, however, the process of collating is now almost universally done by copiers and printers that prepare reports and publications in numerical order, combining reports so that the subsequent ones to the original are identical, with all the pages appearing in the correct order.


Collate Printing Definition:

Collate means placing "printed pages in order before they are bound in a book." It may also have to do with the collection and analysis of data sets, but for printing purposes, collating means organizing the printed materials in their correct form. Collate papers are then used for the purpose of binding a book or submitting an assignment.


Collate, In the Manual Practice:

If you are a student who has been facing the period of his thesis or is about to submit a research paper, you must be going to print out the material to submit it in your class. If you are printing, you don’t need to print out multiple copies and assemble it on your own.


The option of ‘collate’ will help you out and will save your time. Simply place each printed page of your work face down, starting with the first page, and place the top number of pages on top of the first page. Flipping individual stacks leaves them ready to bind the various copies of their work.


What does Collate Mean in Printing?

Printers interconnected with computers can produce copies of documents, reports, and even several amounts of pages to form a book. If the document is too large for the printer configuration, you may have to reconfigure the printer memory to fit the document.


Once configured correctly, the printer will combine the documents into the sets you specify and fulfill the job as a document copier. Printing systems can also be expanded by connecting external hard drives to your computer.


You must be wondering what Collate means on a printer? Collate is the way pages are organized while printing. For example, if you are printing and the option of ‘collate' is enabled, you will be able to print the pages multiple times in the order of 1,2,3,4,5… while, if the option of collating is off, your paper will be printed in 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, sequence. This option is only available when the user is printing multiple copies of the same material.


How Can the Option of Collating Be Use?

While printing, you will notice that the option of collating is always enabled. However, if you want to deal with the option manually, it can be done by using the Print option that is located in the Microsoft Word option. Follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Open the document you want to print in Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the File option and select ‘Print’ in the menu.
  • Select the number of copies you require and enable/disable the collate button.


Conclusively, collating is one of the best options in printing. Imagine, you have to print out 9,000 copies of a material having 90 pages. After getting it done, you will have to organize it all and then bind it in the form of a book.


How hectic would that task be? The option of Collate printing makes your life easier. It helps you in organizing the papers in series and gives you an organized result instead of random sheets. You can always call it the option which converts the data into information. When the printing is being done in bulk, this option becomes a lifesaver.


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