How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Postcard?

If you have designed your postcards, you must be having one question in mind, “how much does it cost to mail a postcard?” A rectangle piece of card which is the best option to use when you are trying to reach out your loved ones at another location. Postcards have become a part of the tradition to greet others which have been used by our ancestors and has been a part of our custom for over three decades now.

People in multiple decades have used postcards in several ways to convey their messages to their required audience. If you want to connect to your loved ones or want to share the pictures of your journey, a postcard is the best option to choose out there.


Business Postcards:

Similar to personal postcards, business postcards are designed to reach out to someone and convey your message in an appealing format. Business postcards are designed in a way where the front side contains a "call to action," while the back side carries address or a short message from the sender company. 

The key difference between personal and business postcards is that business postcards need to be formal as the company conveys its message to its customers. However, personal postcards are solely used for personal purposes. Hence, it can both be formal and informal.


Uses of Postcards:

Some of you might wonder, why would a person use a postcard? Why not using some form of a sheet that can add more information to it? A postcard is usually used to show your loved one a place you are visiting or the place they would like to go someday. History dictates that postcard was one of the main elements of communication during the war times. 

Through postcards, you can easily show your people or your loved ones that you are having a nice time at some spot. Apart from sharing the fun with your friends, postcards are also a great mean of advertising. If you are going to show a person a place through a postcard, the receiver would feel the desire to visit the place. Everyone loves to receive a postcard and look at the sceneries that it carries on the face. Every postcard bears a different, unique, yet marvelously wonderful scenes on the face of it. 

It helps the companies in advertising their products while it helps the tourism companies in advertising their services. The main purpose of a postcard is communication. A postcard is a carrier of a picture through which people can show their journey. The front of the card contains the picture which tells the story or provides the joy to the receiver, while the back side conveys the message of the sender in words.


How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Postcard?

If you are planning to send a first-class postcard to your loved one, it's cost $0.35 cents per mail. However, it is a requirement to follow the specifications of the mailing services. Standard Postcard Size.

  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.
  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick.
  • Rectangular.

To qualify for the bulk rate, the sender must mail a minimum of 500 postcards to achieve the rate of 25.3 to 28.4 cents. Many marketing agencies prefer to send a larger size of postcards having 9 inches of length and 6 inches of height. Several mailing companies classify these type of postcards as letters; however, these are beneficial for businesses. The businesses sometimes need larger space to market their product; therefore, the larger postcards are beneficial for the purpose of marketing. 

Surprisingly, the prices of mailing the larger postcards are usually lower or somewhere near the price of first class postcards. Its price may range around 15.5 cents to 28.8 cents. Therefore, if you are looking to advertise your business through postcards, the larger ones are the best option out there for you. If you have been puzzled about how much does it cost to mail a postcard, this article must have answered your question. 

You can send postcards out to your friends and family to show your wonderful journey, or you can reach out to your customers through this mean and advertise your product marvelously. Whether you are using first class postcards or the larger letter-sized postcards, the cost per piece will not exceed 34 cents per piece of mailing it. You may try new ideas on your cards and customized it with precious blends of colors to make your cards look more attractive for your receivers.

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