How Many Stamps Per Ounce?

With the modernization of the world and the era of technology, the days are gone when we used to sit on the table under a dim lamp and write a letter to our long-lost relatives in another city. Even if today you try to send someone a letter, one question will pop up in your mind, i.e., how many stamps per ounce is required to send a letter?

Facebook, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Twitter have changed the world of communication drastically. However, postal services are still in existence. Although they have started offering a wide variety of options to their customers to keep themselves alive and stay in the competition.

The use of such services in today's world cannot be denied where many people still lack the blessing of the world of the internet. The people from the older generation try to avoid its use. Therefore, it is necessary for us to keep on using the postal services to keep ourselves in touch with that demography.


How Many Stamps Per Ounce?

If you are looking forward to sending a letter to someone living a bit far away from your location, you must be baffling with the question of how many stamps per ounce must be used. Today, one stamp costs $0.55.

However, mailing a postcard needs the stamp which costs $0.34. As the price of stamps is rising, it is better to stock a good bunch of it.


What is USPS First Class Mail?

In the United States, USPS is offering its first class mail services. The first class mentions the type of postage services that a package receives. Although there is a common misconception that all the packages are treated the same way, the first class mails are sent with high priority. The prices are higher than the regular mailing services.

According to USPS, the main advantage of this service is the delivery time. Providing 2-3 days with its receipt, USPS assures you that your order is given the highest priority. It is the most popular and economical way to send your packages, letters, and postcards. The packages should not exceed the weight limit of 15.99 ounces.


What Are Forever Stamps?

While discussing the question of how many stamps per ounce must be used, we discussed how it is possible to stock up a bunch of stamps if you are a regular user of postal services. The problem might arise when the validity or expiry comes into question.

To avoid that issue, the United States Postal Service came up with a solution in 2007. This service is called the forever stamps. What are they? Do forever stamps expire? What is forever stamp value? The name says it all. You can buy a stamp at the rate of $0.49 today.

For example, if you decide to buy a bunch of 200 stamps. Even if you decide to use it after four years, it will not cost you more or less. It will just be an asset in your pocket which you will be utilizing after four years. The validity or expiry will never be an issue of these kinds of stamps.

These stamps are used for normal-sized, one-ounce letters in the United States. If you are going for a letter exceeding this weight limit, you should consider other options. Lack of postage will become an issue to it.


How to Mail a Letter?

Sending a letter by mail in the United States is easy and simple, dedicate yourself to write that letter, and after putting it in an envelope, it will be ready to send it.

1. On the front of the envelope write the recipient's information (your full name with last name and your address)

2. In the upper left part of the envelope write the details of the sender, if it is you, write your full name and postal address.

3. Then you must place a postal stamp, for which you must take into account the weight of the letter because if the weight is less than one ounce and is directed to a US address, in the upper right of the envelope, you will place a stamp of first class.

4. If the letter has greater weight and is not addressed to a US address, but abroad, you should check with USPS for the options you have for the postage.



1. Choose an envelope for your letter, because you must choose it according to the type of paper and weight of the letter.

2. You should also consider the correct size of the envelope according to the content it will contain, as you are likely to need a business-size envelope if you write a letter on 11-inch paper that you must fold in two-thirds before placing it in the envelope.

3. If you write a cover letter, you should send it in a professional envelope.

4. When you have chosen the envelope, place the letter, moisten the edge with glue to close it and press it to seal it.

5. In case you fear that the letter will be opened during the transit, you can place the transparent adhesive tape.

6. On the front and center of the envelope, write the name and surname of the recipient, the address of the recipient with the house or apartment number, the city, the province or state, and the postal code. Write in clear capital letters with ink, so that it can be read quickly and without errors.

7. In the case that you are sending the letter abroad, always add the country with capital letters and below the address.

8. If applicable, write the mailbox number, since many people choose to have their letters sent to a post office box instead of being sent to their address.

9. Each part of the recipient should write it in this way:






10. In the top left, write the data of the sender. It must be written in the vertical form: first and last name of the sender, postal address of the sender, city, postal code, country if applicable.

11. Use and place a first class stamp on the top right of the envelope if the letter does not reach a 1-ounce weight and if you are sending it to a US address.

12. As for the stamps, you can use the standard design or the special ones that are decorative, which you should choose at the post office.

13. You can use old stamps that you have at home, but since they increase in price, it is likely that you should use several stamps to cover the cost of the postage. However, you can also use forever stamps introduced by the USPS service.

14. Go to the desk of the post office and fill the requirement. Your letter is on its way to the recipient!


How to Send A Postcard?

How to Send A Postcard


If you are traveling in the USA, you will surely visit many beautiful and amazing places. And of course, you will be tempted to take as many photos as you can! However, not all of us can compete with professional photographers who make photos for postcards.

However, after taking those pictures, we feel the desire to send those photos to our loved ones in another city, state, or country. For this purpose, the postcard is the best option.

Buy stamps and stick directly on the card. It is not necessary to put it in the envelope; it increases its weight. If your postcards don’t weight more than 1 ounce and are being sent within the US, you can send it by spending only $0.49 cents! Stamps can be purchased at any post office or at the supermarket at the checkout section.

After sticking the stamp, you need to throw it in the mailbox. Mailboxes are usually located next to the post office or follow any blue mailbox you see while walking on the streets having a tag of USPS. You can also use the USPS postage calculator.

In conclusion, the world of postal service is still useful to many of us. Where people are sending letters and packages every day to their loved ones while many are doing it to keep the tradition alive.

The question of ‘how many stamps per ounce must be used while sending a letter' usually comes along. The answer is simple, and the price is too low. You may now approach the post office and send your letters to the people about whom you care the most.

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