How to Remove Bumper Stickers in 6 Phenomenal Ways?

An election campaign is over, or near important past event has become worthless now and your car look stuffed with expired stickers? Alright! Then you must be familiar with how to remove bumper stickers for making your vehicles as clean as brand new by getting rid of promotional stickers. 

It is also obvious and equally significant to take off this advertising stuff whenever you are going to sell your car, to make its impression appealing and impressive. Cleaning them off is not a tough or alarming task when using the beneficial techniques and schematic strategies.  However, dealing it with a little carelessness may cause scratching your vehicle, or its appearance may exhibit a dull and grimy view.


6 Phenomenal Ways to Remove Bumper Stickers


You can remove sticker from car safely and cleanly by acting upon the following techniques.


1) Applying Hot Air by Heat Gun or Hair Dryer


This method is becoming famous and frequently practiced among the professionals who know best how to remove bumper stickers without any harm to the coated bumpers below them. The loosening and reactivation of adhesive make it most comfortable to remove the label after applying heat. You need a few necessary objects, most importantly a heat gun and optionally an expired credit card or similar hard card and a putty blade.

how to remove bumper stickers


Wash and clean the bumper sticker thoroughly before removing it from car’s painted surface. Apply a heated air by a hair dryer or heat gun keeping it at a suitable distance for sufficient time from the target area, usually 8-10” far for heat gun and 6-8” far for hair dryer from the car decals. A heat gun is more efficient than a hairdryer and heats the sticker to lose it in a shorter time. Both of them are easy to handle and used more effectively than any other sticker removing method.

It suggested that never hold these heating machines on a single spot on the sticker, instead move it evenly on the entire decal surface so that heat is distributed smoothly without any damage to the paint of car bumper. After heating the sticker, carefully use a putty blade or any suitable hard object only to initiate its peeling off from an easily detachable corner. A fingernail may also serve the purpose for its corner detachment by heating the sticker to an adequate degree when the putty blade is unavailable.


remove bumper stickers


Once the decal is detached, apply heat and pull the sticker slowly and watchfully with hands in small intervals folding the sticker back to its surface.


remove bumper stickers from car


Let the surface of a car bumper to cooled for sufficient time and further proceedings to avoid any damage of paint by treating it immediately. Now, it turns to use different trendy adhesive cleaners to extinguish the remnants from car surface.


remove sticker from car


After that, you may apply a useful paint sealant or funky car wax to make it shiny as brand new.   Hurrah! Your car appears it had never been exposed to a single decal after the job done.


2) Soaking a Towel with Boiling Water and Keep It on the Bumper Sticker


Another method how to remove bumper stickers is to apply heat on car decal using a towel or rag after soaking with boiling water. Applying this heating procedure for several minutes can lose and reactivate the sticker’s adhesive property making it easier to peel it off. Once the corner of the sticker gets rid of adhesiveness from the car’s surface, you may remove it pulling and bending back with hands. Again, there may be some remnants after peeling of your sticker which may be cleaned entirely using reasonable adhesive removals. Waxing the car bumpers for various times will make it more shiny and vibrant giving your car a dashing and charming look.


3) Lubricant WD40


When it comes how to remove bumper stickers from car which are old and steadfast, WD-40, a versatile and multifunctional lubricant comes in the way and remove them as cleanly as they never been on the bumper of your car. This popular and pragmatic material when poured onto the targeted stickers makes their adhesiveness so loose that they can be removed on their own.


how to remove old bumper stickers


Anyway, a bit of the residue observed at places? Latterly, they can be erased by adhesive cleaners with supreme ease and adroitly.


4) Rubbing Alcohol on Bumper Sticker


One of the best ways to remove bumper stickers includes the application of alcohol on the sticker and rubbing it. After spraying alcohol and waiting for several minutes, the sticker will get loosen, and its adhesiveness will become reactivated making the peeling it off very easy and efficient. Putty knife or razor may also be employed to initiate sticker removal if it does not get started quickly. Now, you may use a proper adhesive cleaning material to make it clean and latterly apply wax of your choice to increase and rehabilitate the shining of your car’s bumper.


5) Applying White Vinegar


It is a smooth and easily manageable way to snuff out a sticker from your car. You only need easily available white vinegar and soak a towel or old cloth with it. Place this soaked piece on the undesirable sticker for approximately 30 minutes and adhesive material of the sticker will be loose enough to remove it with a single hand.


best way to remove bumper stickers


In case you feel a slight difficulty to peeling it off, make use of a knife to initiate its erasing. Remember to laminate the blade of the knife with tape or suitable material making it friendly for bumper sticker removal without any scratches on the bumper of the car beneath the sticker.


6) Razor Blade or Box Cutter if Remove it from Glass


It becomes easier to apply razor blade or box cutter when it’s time to remove the sticker from a glass of your car. Firstly, apply a loosening material including ice pack or spray of window cleaner.


remove sticker from glass


Secondly, chip it away with a razor and pull up with hands and repeat the procedure until the job done safely and effectively. Use an adhesive cleaner remove all the residue from the glass.


All the above methods of how to remove bumper stickers are quite feasible and very effective. Whichever bumper sticker removing method comes into play by you, keep consciously remember to cover the nearby exposed bumper area to avoid damage or dull appearance in its paint.  You may choose any of these ways whichever is beneficial for you. We hope our blog will be helpful for you.

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