What is a Grommet and Why Does It Matter?

While taking a bath, have you ever looked at those shower curtains and wondered what those round metal rings are? Are these a part of the curtain or do people use them for other purposes too? Oh, wait! You have seen those while tying your shoelaces too! Or maybe you must have reached a hardware shopping, and there is a question in your mind that what is a grommet? Those rings are called Grommet in general terms.

The two-part piece of rings which stick together through the used of a pre-punched hole is quite a common item in every household. It is usually applied to a piece of fabric.


What Is a Grommet and Why Is It Used?

This is the most common question we hear from the mouth of a person who has never heard of this word. We are sure you must have seen those metal rings which are used for a hole reinforcement in a fabric.

Although the installation process is aggressive where several measures are taken to install the rings on the fabric, but once installed, it provides support to a fabric which prevents the hole to increase. Things are hanged through the use of the hole without tearing the fabric apart. There are several uses of Grommet.

Whether you have to cover rough sharp hole-edges in metal or make sure that the hole in the fabric doesn’t lose the shape, a grommet serves it all for you. For the sharp hole-edges in metal, a grommet, made out of rubber, is used.

Another use of grommet is known as strain relief where two pieces of plastic rings are used to accommodate the passage of a wire. This method prevents the excess pull of the wire through the necessary support.

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Eyelets and Grommet:

Although these two are taken as similar things, there is an observable difference between them. Grommet has a larger flange diameter and hole size, while eyelet tends to be smaller. This ratio turns out to be an advantage of grommets where it can grip the surface of a huge area easily and gets fit into the whole having a larger diameter.

However, some of the customers tend to prefer eyelets due to their reduced size, hence, according to their preferences and needs. Another common difference between the two is the standard size. A grommet is available with the industry standard size. However, the case is not the same as eyelets.

The size and diameters of eyelets vary from one to another, making it available in a wide variety in comparison to grommets. A widely common misconception is that grommet comes with a washer while eyelets are not used with a washer.

A grommet may and may not be used with a washer. Moreover, the purchase of a washer is made along with the grommet. Same can be done with eyelet. Hence, the use of a washer makes no difference between these two.



How Many Types of Grommets Are There?


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After discussing and clearing out the differences between Eyelets and Grommet, it is important to discuss the several types of grommets that are available in the market. Just like any other form of hardware, these material have their own types to be used for several purposes. The most common ones are plain grommets, spur grommets, drapery grommets, and fashion grommets.


1. Plain Grommets: used in the standard application, these grommets can easily be found. Whether it is a flag, a banner, a curtain, or a tarp, these grommets are used to get support the fabric.

2. Spur Grommet: high-stress situation require spur grommets. An example of it is sailing. Although these look similar to the plain ones, they are installed in a specific way to handle huge pressure.

3. Drapery Grommet: Available in metal and plastic, they look quite similar to the plain grommet. However, most of them come with the snap on feature.

4. Fashion Grommet: Also known as decorative eyelets are the small grommets especially used in clothing items to add details to it. You must have seen it in your jeans.


Standard Grommet Sizes:

As discussed above, unlike eyelets, grommets come in industry standard sizes. Some of the standard sizes are 3/16”, ⅜”, ½”, 1 7/16” and 3”. These sizes are specific standard to the interior diameter of a grommet. The exterior may vary.


Banner Grommets:

If you are looking forward to putting up a banner to advertise your business in exceptional ways, we would highly advise you to use grommet in all your banners in order to ensure the life of it. Moreover, using grommet will give your banner a clean and rich look.

If you are finding it hard to get it installed in your banners, contact us now to get it done at an affordable price for you. The process is a little bit complicated where we need to make sure that it goes along with the size of the area you have determined.

Moreover, we always consider the wire or ropes which hold the banner up. Therefore, choosing the right form of grommet, which keeps the banner intact while maintaining the rich design of your banner, is a complicated task. Get it done to get the attention of your target customer.

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In conclusion, if you are still baffling with the question of what is a grommet, we would advise you to have a look at your shower curtain. The rings on the head of the curtain are called grommet.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to getting your banner grommet and finding it hard to look up for a professional, get in touch with us now to make this job easier for you! 

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