What to Do With Old Greeting Cards, Christmas Cards, And Business Cards?

The special occasion is behind us, and sentiments were expressed. Now you have a stack of cards that cannot easily be reused because they contain paper, foil, plastic or other materials besides paper.

So why not reuse or rework it instead of throwing it away or even recycling it? Are you not sure what to do with old greeting cards? Keep on reading this article then.

Here are some of the ways that you can use in order to get rid of old greeting cards in a creative manner.


13 Ways What to Do with Old Cards?


1. Scan the Cards into the Computer or Take Notes of Who Sent You:

What if you want to capture this information through the greeting cards. If you are wondering what to do with old Christmas cards, this is especially important when you send thank-you cards as gifts to them.

It's also a much neater and easier way to keep the nice things you've gotten from people in the past than just keeping a bunch of old cards. You could even catalog them if it will help you!


2. Keep the Cards in an Easily Accessible Box:

A large shoe box, originally intended for hiking boots, works well. Or use a box that you no longer need, as long as it has a lid. It will keep out dust and prevent the cards from slipping out.

You can always rummage through the box if you want to start a new project. If you do, then arrange the cards according to color, texture, size, etc., it will be easier to get inspired.


3. Turn the Cards into New Cards:

Turning old greetings cards into new ones is a simple process and fun. Glue the front of the card to a new blank card or thicker paper suitable for cards.

If you want, you can rework the card or improve the design of the card. Add your own new embellishments, such as small bows, costume, jewelry, glitter, etc.


4. If You Are Wondering What to Do with Old Greeting Cards:

Cut the greeting cards into smaller pieces to turn them into gift tags. Just cut a strip or rectangle out of the card, fold it in the middle and write "for" and "from" on it.

You can also add interesting features of the original map to the little trailers you've already made. Just stick it on and write "for" and "from" on the unprinted area.


5. Make a Notebook or Portfolio out of the Cards:

Gift cards can be turned into notepad by cutting the card in half and then inserting blank paper or other greeting cards (as a reminder) in the middle part.

Then just punch all the pages, including the front and back of the card, which will also form the front and back of the notepad or folder.

Then thread a string through the holes and tie them together into a loop at the end. Check if the pages are free to move and adjust if necessary.


6. Make a Gift Bag from Greeting Cards:

Cards can be reused to create a bag for a small gift such as jewelry, a CD, an MP3 player, a gift certificate, perfume, and so on.


7. Make Bookmarks from Old Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards can be great bookmarks and they can be made in no time. Cut the greeting card into strips about 4 cm wide and 15 cm long. Punch the strip at one end and pass a tassel through the hole. Put the homemade bookmark into every book you give away.


8. Establish a Greeting Card Tradition:

Agree with a friend to send the same greeting card back and forth every year or exchange two cards with each other. Over the years, the cards will accumulate and it will become a souvenir.

It could also make you both stay in touch longer. You could also insert a sheet of paper as many notes will accumulate on the card over many years. Or use the notebook method suggested above to hold the cards together.


9. Use the Cards for Artistic Purposes:

There are numerous paper crafting that are just perfect for using old greeting cards. Here are just a few ideas that use interesting or colorful pieces of old greeting cards:


a) Use the cards for decoupage.

b) Make collages.

c) Make scrapbooks.


10. Use the Cards to Make Placemats or Coasters:

Beautiful card designs can be appreciated over a meal or a drink, and are especially great for nature themes, animal themes, and seasonal themes.


11. Make Place Cards for Your Next Meeting:

The stiff, colorful paper is an excellent background for it.


12. Make Cards from Postcards:

Just cut off the front of the card when it's flat, and send it to someone else next year as a postcard. Postcards usually cost less in comparison to postage.


13. Turn a Greeting Card into an Envelope:

You can also turn matching or other thematic cards into envelopes. There are numerous other things which can be done through old greeting cards. It can be used for decorations or sending people cute gifts. Remember to collect and keep all the greeting cards you receive this year.

If you have friends who don’t know what to do with old greeting cards, you can use theirs to create gifts for them.


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