Where Can I Post Flyers Legally? 20 Ideas for Flyer Distribution

As small businesses enter the market, they feel the need to be advertised on big platforms. However, a small amount of budget doesn't usually allow them to do so. Advertising themselves on TV and the media doesn't seem achievable most of the time. In such situations, advertising through flyers seems fruitful and effective.

Production of flyers is not expensive, and if the company hits the right audience, the method proves itself to be the most beneficial one. If you have decided to use flyers as the mean of your advertisement, the next question in your mind must be the legal issues that may arise through flyer advertisement. If you are asking yourself “where can I post flyers legally?” then keep on reading this article.


Posting Flyers in Public Places:

The best way to advertise your business through flyers is if you are doing it while complying with rules and laws. In the United States of America, passing out flyers is considered as a free speech; hence, most of the state governments have not announced it illegal.

However, if you are putting your flyers on a public car’s windshield in public parking lots or you are using utility poles for the purpose, then your advertisement will go against the anti-littering ordinance. Therefore, you must call the authority of your state in order to know about the rules and legal places where you can advertise through your flyers.


Where Can I Post Flyers Legally Then? Stores That Allow Flyers Advertisement:

As mentioned above, you can always call your state authorities in order to find out the legal places where you can advertise through your flyers. Moreover, keep in your mind that the government usually places a time limit for a flyer to be displayed at certain public places. Federal Law has restricted companies from advertising by putting flyers into mailboxes.

As the flyers usually fill up the small boxes, hence, only authorized personnel of U.S. Postal Services is allowed to put items in a mailbox. Moreover, if you are willing to put your flyers on the doors of a house, be sure you don't paste it on the doors. Either slide it through the door or hang it on the doorknob.

It must be taken into account the homeowners don't have problems or haven't previously complained about the flyers. It might seem difficult to find out which house owner has shown unwillingness for receiving flyers, therefore, contact the authorities and inquire about the places where you can put your flyers legally.

There are many stores that allow flyers advertisement. You can easily approach them and use their platform to make sure that your business is being advertised to the right audience.


20 Best Places to Distribute Flyers:

You need an eye to look at your message seven times to consider your offer. You must have heard this a thousand times if you have been working as a marketer. The best way to spread your message and awareness of your business is to pass out your flyers.

This non-tech marketing technique is cost-effective where all you have to do it to make a step out of your house and make efforts. But “Where Can I Post Flyers Legally?” If you don’t want to carry out a research or do experiments on the places, then here we are listing down all the 20 best places to distribute flyers legally.


1. Post Office: The introduction of the internet in today's world hasn't erased the significance of a postal office. Every day people visit post offices for several purposes. You can ask multiple post offices in your region. Some of them allow companies to put their flyers on their notice boards. You can use the opportunity and do your marketing.

2. Restaurants/Coffee Shops: What else can be better than a place which is full of people all the time? Use the counters of coffee shops and restaurants to take your brand marketing to the next level.

3. Town Halls: This option must already be in your list, so let's move forward.

4. Libraries: If your target audience is the young generation or studious people, this is the best place for you to advertise your material.

5. Barber Shops/Beauty Parlor: If your product is linked with the fashion industry or cosmetics, give this place a try. You won't regret it. Nail Salons

6. Ice Cream Stands: whether you want a kid to be a part of your audience or a 50-year-old, this is the best place to attract a good amount of audience.

7. Supermarkets: You must have already seen many companies using supermarkets’’ counters to advertise their products. Why don’t you do it too?

8. Colleges: Just like libraries, especially for event organizers, this is the best place to put flyers.

9. Malls: You must have seen many people standing and passing out company’s flyers to attract customers. Why not trying this place where at least a hundred people visit every day?

10. Doctor’s Offices / Dentist’s Offices: If your product is related to health and dental hygiene, no place can be better than this one to put your flyers on.

11. Large Employers (lunchroom bulletin boards): Just like libraries, lunchroom bulletin boards of large organizations will give a huge boost to your business and products.

12. Churches: Why not choosing a holy place where half of the United States visits every week? Put your flyers to attract good people too!

13. Convenience Stores / Gas Stations: Gas stations are full of customers all the time! You can make a guy stand on 6 of them for a week passing out your flyers and can see the boost in your sales.

14. Auto Repair Shops: Not as many customers as a gas station, but you will able to reach out to a considerable amount of people over here too.

15. Community Centers: Well, you must be aware of the crowd that comes over here every day. Why not passing your flyers to them?

16. Day Care Centers: Not much effective, but keep it in your list too.

17. Chambers of Commerce: You will have to reach out to them and ask them to help you in distributing your flyers.

18. Banks / Credit Unions: A very effective way to market your business, but you will need a good source to reach them out.

19. Hardware Stores: As we mentioned above, most of the stores allow you to put your flyers on their counters. Hardware stores are one of them. Since the hardware is high in demand, you will never see these stores empty, hence, a very good place to put your flyers on.

20. Public Bulletin Boards: Last, but not the least, Public bulletin boards. However, you must ask the government officials about the time period which is allowed to put one flyer on the public bulletin boards. Usually, there is a restriction; therefore, you must inquire in order to put flyers legally.



In conclusion, if you are wondering "Where can I post flyers legally," only the government officials are able to answer you. However, we have provided you a list of places which you can use in order to make your life easier.

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