What is Coroplast or Corrugated Plastic?

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What is Coroplast or Corrugated Plastic?

The plastic, every day, conquers numerous spaces in different areas of the industry, worldwide. In visual advertising and digital printing, PVC materials are getting more and more followers. It is important to know the features and functions offered by coroplast. While answering the question “what is coroplast?”, this article will provide you a lot of information related to the material.

Every day, advertising companies choose materials with characteristics that are adaptable to all types of situations. The design, price, and quality are factors of great importance in the development of new alternatives. Keep reading to find out about all the amazing things you can do with coroplast.


What is Coroplast Made of?

Coroplast also called corrugated plastic, it is an ingenious solution developed, based on polyethylene. These are the sheets of copolymers, consisting of two smooth surfaces with a center formed by continuous cells. Its architecture simulates the design of corrugated cardboard.

Coroplast is corrugated plastic of high impact polypropylene copolymer. This type of material is commonly known as plastic cardboard, corrugated plastic, alveolar plate, coroplast, cellular polypropylene, hollow plastic sheets, among others. Its physical structure is similar to that of cardboard.

It is perceived as sheets or twin-walled panels joined by ribs or flutes. However, its structure is based on the extrusion of high impact polypropylene copolymers, combined in its formulation with other components, pigments, and additives that give it its particular characteristics.


What is Coroplast Used For?

It is produced in the form of sheets, plates or rolls while offering a wide variety of items such as boxes, containers, displays, advertisements, signs, labels, packaging, and industrial packaging, products for agriculture and much more. The coroplast is a very noble and versatile material that allows you to let your creativity fly.

It has applications in industries such as Advertising, Agricultural, Mining, Paper, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Electronics, Electoral and in general. It has industrial uses for logistics and internal handling of materials, packaging, packaging and all kinds.


Uses of Coroplast in Printing

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There are different industrial and advertising applications where coroplast can be used. With regard to the expression of advertising content, let's see some common uses:

• Ads or billboards: It is common to see billboards or advertisements in coroplast. Their light-weight and water resistance make them great for this task.

• Banners: In interior spaces, smaller advertising resources such as banners can also be printed in coroplast. Its lightweight structure makes it highly demanded this use.

• Packaging of products: Many food products boxes, toy boxes, toy packaging, and others, are made of coroplast.

• Traffic or pedestrian signs: Traffic signs or particular signs can be printed on coroplast.

• Decoration of spaces: Interior spaces, terraces, gardens and other areas can be decorated in coroplast.


What is Corrugated Plastic?

Similar to coroplast, the term corrugated plastic refers to a wide range of the plastic sheet made of polypropylene resin. It is light-weighted, yet reliable material which can be easily used and cut through the usage of a regular knife found in the kitchen. It is, most often, referred to as twinwall plastic. Uses Corrugated polypropylene plastic sheet is mainly used for printing and packaging.

It is also used for the production of indoor and outdoor posters, display stands, convention napkins, pouches, press portfolios, temporary shelters, food boxes, floor displays (POP), shipping boxes, binders, ring binders, accessories promotional and packaging.


 Rugged, it resists rain, moisture, most solvents, rodents, grease, and oil.

 Lightweight, economical, versatile, and washable.

 Can be cut to the punch.

 Also available in a recycled formulation, consisting of a white surface and a black body made of more than 50% recycled material. This material is specific for digital printing and screen printing.

 Can be screen printed, folded, cut, drilled, etc


Advantages of Coroplast

Below we will see the practical advantages of Coroplast

• Ultra-light material: The design of the coroplast gives it a great resistance accompanied by an extraordinary lightness. Among the rigid materials for digital printing, it is one of the lightest.

• Easy to dismantle: Once in use, the coroplast sheets are very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

• Water resistant: Compared with cardboard or corrugated wood, the coroplast is totally water resistant.

• Get the paint very well: The digital prints made on coroplast are durable and of good quality.


Coroplast Sign Printing: 

Due to the bright white color of corrugated plastic, a full-color spectrum looks fabulous on it. You can either directly print the whole material onto the plastic or print it all first onto acrylic and then go for the plastic sheet. Either way, the whole graphic will look brilliant.


Disadvantages of Coroplast

Although coroplast should be your first choice in most of your projects, there are certain downsides that you should consider before going for it.

1. The Look: All the artists desire to make their graphics look rich and expensive. They want it to look permanent to increase the look of the room or the hall where it will be hung up. A coroplast board cannot fulfill your wish.

2. Although you can use it to print photographs, however, it is most certainly not the best medium to get it done.

3. Exposure to intense heat can bend or wrap the board. So, if you choose to stick to it, remember not to leave it in a hot car!

4. Considering the ongoing issue of climate change and global warming, the production of such a material is not at all environmentally friendly. Although the continuous production of polypropylene is among the least environmentally damaging plastic, it is still not biodegradable and emits harmful greenhouse gases.


Things to Avoid:

 Avoid sources of ignition. Maintain good ventilation to protect the product from physical and chemical stresses, such as temperature and humidity of the air, saline air, water vapor, and dust.

 The material should be stored horizontally on a flat surface such as a pallet. It should never be stored in an upright position since the plastic has memory and tends to keep the shape in which it is placed. So it tends to deform, especially in the presence of heat.

 Do not roll up

 Do not bend.

 Do not expose to sunlight or excessive temperatures.

 Avoid hitting the edges and corners.


Custom Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

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